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Getfile is a site for profit from uploading files,profits are calculated on each download It provides some of the other properties for profit. we pay even per 1,000 download in some areas. we calculated as earnings rates for all areas without exception We offer you the best pricing around the world in order to benefit.

We give you the best pricing around the world. In order to take advantage of the revenue per 1000 download.

Tier / Length 0-500 MB 500-1000 MB 1000-2000 MB 2000-* MB
Tier A $7$7$7$7
Tier B $5$5$5$5
Tier C $4$4$4$4
Tier D $3$3$3$3

Tier A: United States, Canada, Switzerland

Tier B: United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Hong Kong

Tier C: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Belgium, Russian Federation, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, China

Tier D: All other countries